National Standards

Worldwide, a number of developed countries including Canada are part of a trend to national standards and assessment for public education. This standards-based reform is occurring whether education is either a federal or state/provincial responsibility. The rationale for setting national standards varies but generally includes: rai...

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Aboriginal Education in Canada

Cause for Concern  According to their parents, lack of education is the most serious problem facing aboriginal children living on reserves. A recent federally commissioned Survey of First Nations People Living on Reserves found that education was seen by 36 percent of respondents as the most pressing problem facing their young people....

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Tackling the Gender Gap

Until recently, the "gender gap" in schools usually referred to the lower success rates of girls. Today, however, there has been a reversal of the "gender gap" as boys are perceived to be at-risk, especially in reading and writing achievement. This is not just a Canadian phenomenon but echoes data from other countries. The OECD reports girls out-pe...

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Parental Advocacy

Competition for tax dollars is exerting pressure on public education funding, while the level of education required for the Information Age is raising expectations. Now, more than ever, parents find they must advocate to ensure that their children are challenged and provided with appropriate programs. Social equity versus individual achieveme...

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E-Learning: Studying Canada’s Virtual Secondary Schools

Executive Summary Since 1995, virtual schooling experiments from K-12 have sprung up across Canada, enrolling increasing numbers of students. E-Learning: Studying Canada's Virtual Secondary Schools takes a detailed look at this new educational frontier and its success to date. The study was commissioned by the Society for the Advancement...

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Trends in Public Education Governance – Canada

In Canada, approximately 5.3 million students are served by public schools. Canada's public education systems remain a provincial responsibility, but within that basic governance structure, change is occurring. To the international trend of substantive change to public education governance, however, Canada appears to be a latecomer.Essentially, gov...

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