SAEE Education Research: Choice in The Urban School System of Edmonton

Executive Summary School choice has been a cornerstone of the educational landscape in Edmonton, Alberta since 1974. The interplay of choice policies and practices over this period of time has led to a robust K-12 choice environment that has generated international . The evidence gathered in this study provides guidance on the design and...

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Education Research Topics: Meaningful Applied Phonics

Meaningful Applied Phonics: A Longitudinal Early Literacy Study SCOPE OF THE STUDY The M eaningful Applied Phonics (M.A.P.) program is a prescriptive, explicit, teacher-directed approach designed to teach the alphabetic principle in a logical, sequential, and multi-sensory manner by teaching children the 70 graphemes t...

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Examining Phonemic Awareness Instruction In Kindergarten Classrooms

Executive Summary This study tested two different approaches to teaching key phonological awareness skills and concepts to kindergarten students in SD #42. Based upon early the intervention was designed to expand the repertoire of instructional options available to kindergarten teachers. Two parallel but different series of lessons were...

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E-Learning: Studying Canada’s Virtual Secondary Schools

Executive Summary Since 1995, virtual schooling experiments from K-12 have sprung up across Canada, enrolling increasing numbers of students. E-Learning: Studying Canada's Virtual Secondary Schools takes a detailed look at this new educational frontier and its success to date. The study was commissioned by the Society for the Advancement...

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